Nora's gallery from on high

Published 19/02/2014 | 05:36

Earlier this year I became aware that an intrepid local photography enthusiast had been in-spire-d to get into a cage and be propelled up and close to the spire of the Church of Saints Stephen and John during the height of last summer.

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During her stay, some 170 feet up, Nora Fealey took an amazing collection of photographs of the town and surrounding countryside. If you ever wondered what a bird's eye view of the town looks like then, this is as close as you're likely to get.

Nora, a parish office employee, took the photographs from near the top of the spire on June 5, 2013 and she explained how the event came about:

"Over the last few years, repairs and cleaning has taken place both inside and outside the church. I often thought it would be a shame not to have some photos taken from the top of the church and get a bird's eye view of our town."

"The last of the cleaning of the spire took place in the summer of 2013 and a hoist was available on the church grounds. With shaking hands and trembling knees I took my camera and headed to the roof of the church and what you see here is the result," said Nora.


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