Impressive new book from Listowel priest

Fr Anthony Gaughan
Fr Anthony Gaughan

ANOTHER glimpse into the workings of the Archdiocese of Dublin in historic times is afforded us by Listowel writer Fr Anthony Gaughan's tireless research.

Fr Gaughan has just published the latest volume of his comprehensive listing of priests to have served in the archdiocese - The Archbishops, Bishops and Priests who served in the Archdiocese of Dublin in the 19th Century.

"The priests who turned Dublin into one of the leading Catholic cities in the world and were instrumental in the vast changes that shaped the spiritual, social and political face of Ireland and transformed its culture deserve meticulous study. Something of their footprints in the sands of time has been preserved by Fr J Anthony Gaughan," Emeritus Professor of Modern Irish History at University College Dublin Donal McCartney sets out in his foreword.

Professor McCartney found that the latest volume in the history 'lights the pathway into further historical and sociological analyses, and adds to the corpus of his already long list of impressive historical works.'

Many of the priests who served in the archdiocese of the period were natives of Kerry and, with their fellow ministers of the 19th Century, are afforded a chronicle which ensures they shall never be forgotten. The comprehensive list of all the priests will also serve as a fantastic research tool for future investigators of the period.