Flying high after their first weigh-in

Mary Murphy

Published 15/01/2014 | 05:36

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Paudie O'Mahoney of Operation Transformation (back right) with Linda O'Shea, Cora Carrig and Eoin Murphy of the Kerry Recreation Sports Partnership launching the 5k or 10k Walk this Saturday 18th at 12.30pm starting at the Mogr.O'Flaherty Monument, Mission Road, Killarney. (Photo by Michelle Cooper Galvin)

KILLARNEY Operation Transformation leader Paudie O'Mahoney is flying high this week after his first weigh-in, and says losing weight is like winning another All Ireland.

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Paudie travelled to Dublin on Monday with a target weight loss of five pounds, and while his final weigh in results will not be formally announced until tonight's programme, it is safe to say that he was thrilled.

"It is just savage, I am really pleased with myself. To have lost that much weight in just a week is like winning an All Ireland all over again," said Paudie who knows all about winning All-Irelands from his days as Kerry goalie in the 1970s.

"I didn't do a whole lot of exercise really, it was four rounds of three minutes of walking followed by one minute of jogging- so that's just 16 minutes, which I think most people could manage," he added.

The Operation Transformation diet might be enough to put most people on edge but for Paudie it has proved more than manageable, even if it did mean giving up salt and sugar.

"I did without it and I am bloody delighted I did. I am a lot better, I am not feeling bloated in the mornings like before, I am feeling just a little bit healthier than I did even a week ago," Paudie said.

The support has also proved a major plus. "I took the camera down town in Killarney with me on Saturday and I got no exercise done - people kept stopping me to shake my hand. The Kingdom are really backing me," he said.

While weight loss is the aim, Paudie is determined to progress slowly and stay balanced even when it comes to the dreaded Operation Transformation challenge.

This week the six leaders, including Paudie, were taken to the Furry Glen in the Phoenix Park to be put through their paces.

"I felt like giving up at one stage but one of my teammates kept me going, I was delighted I was able to it though, I thought I had no hope," Paudie said.

For Paudie though it is not about a single day's challenge, it is about changing his life dramatically.

"For my this is like a new life, I am starting life number two and other people can do the same. I am proof that it is do-able for all of us to lose weight and feel better about ourselves," Paudie said.

"I am ready now for week number two, doing so well this first week is a huge motivation to keep going," he added.


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