Drinkers need to have their own bus

Letters to the Editor

Published 20/02/2013|05:36

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Councillor Danny Healy Rae, who called for drink-driving permits.
Councillor Danny Healy Rae, who called for drink-driving permits.

Sir, Christina Donnelly said the right thing about drink driving in her letter to The Kerryman of February 6.

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I was in Australia many years ago and their solution in the outback was clubbing together to buy a bus to collect and return them home after a night out. Unfortunately it got ridiculed and was knows as 'the drunks' bus' and inevitably was scrapped, which was a shame.

A Finnish friend of mine told me that in his country - a big country with a small population - that every Friday night in rural areas it's four people to each car and they take it in turns over the course of a month to drive and that person doesn't touch a drop of alcohol. They are content, happy and satisfied with this arrangement, which I think is an eminently suitable solution.

Let's have more letters on this from your readers.


Roderick Ran,

Lodge Wood,



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