Appreciate 'living in the now' and make the best of the moment 

The joyes of life - Yvonne Joye We are in season-change mode. The first chestnuts are on the ground. On Sunday I saw a mother out with her children collecting 'conkers'. The creeper on the wall in my garden is slowly but surely changing from green to the early stages of golden brown. The first scarves and gloves are appearing. It's dark at 6.50am. You need a light on your bicycle after 7pm. And nothing is going to stop the process, even if we had an Indian summer last week.

Don't ignore the signs of hearing loss 

The effects of hearing loss on individuals can have many personal and socially adverse implications for the quality and well-being of one's life which is why it pays to have your hearing cared for by a committed and professional consultant which is precisely what one can expect with John J. Fleming of Audivox Hearing Specialists, (located at Clinic 29, Bishopstown Road, Bishopstown, Co. Cork) who as part of a 100% Irish based and family run company, is dedicated to easing the burden caused by hearing loss.

Legionnaires' Disease can be fatal if it is left untreated 

Legionnaires' disease is a lung disease (pneumonia) which presents with chills, high temperature (fever) and muscle pains. The infection is contracted by breathing in droplets of water which contain legionella germs (bacteria) from contaminated water systems. The earlier the illness is treated with antibiotic medication, the better the likely outcome. The illness is serious and can be fatal, but it is not contagious (it cannot be passed from person to person).