Night at the opera in store on Friday

Christina O’Flynn
Christina O’Flynn

A NIGHT at the Opera is in store for music lovers in Listowel with the arrival of an acclaimed trio on Friday.

The Voce di Donna (Voice of a Woman) trio of Fiona O'Reilly (soprano), Christina O'Flynn (mezzo soprano) (pictured right) and Bethan Lee (piano) will perform a unique drama telling the stories of some of the most famous arias from the Romantic period.

Using narration, costumes, props and their own God-given musical talents, the trio are certain to make a big impact on fans of classical music and opera when they take to the stage in St John's on Friday night, November 8 next, at 8pm.

Three Ladies and a Suitcase is the title of the performance, with the stories of the arias 'sketched by all three performers' according to advance publicity in what is also billed as a 'warm, lively, intimate show'.