Kerry's 'Tommy' goes viral on web


FUNGI might be in danger of having to share his perch as the animal most closely associated with Kerry thanks to three hilarious cartoon turtles taking the internet by storm.

'Tommy' is the short animation by Kanturk cartoonist Jason Sullivan that's going viral on the internet at present and resulting in people all over the country falling both in love with his characters and generally around the place laughing.

It's one of a number of hilarious clips Jason Sullivan has uploaded under working name Sminky Shorts in recent weeks and features three turtles who will sound curiously familiar to Kerry ears.

They're not exactly wearing the county colours, but the accents are a dead giveaway as two turtles look on in horror while a third turtle, Tommy, comes bombing up the path at about an eighth of a mile an hour.

It's only one of a handful of Sminky Shorts viewable on YouTube that are already going down as classics of the site, at least in this country. Fat Rabbit and Awful Sad are among other highlights.

While his animation is pretty cool, it's Jason Sullivan's ability to do accents that make Sminky Shorts as the 27-year-old provides all the voices.

Already, the short films have been viewed over half a million times on YouTube.

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