Celtic hopes to net a World Record with penalty attempt

Published 12/06/2013 | 05:36

World Record Attempt : Mike Barry of Listowel Celtic takes a penalty to announce the World Record Attempt of the most consecutive FUTSAL penalties to be scored. The attempt is taking place at the Listowel Celtic grounds, Tanavalla, Listowel on the 6th July. Mike is watched by fellow Listowel Celtic members Paddy Mulvihill, Christy Sheehy, Mark Loughnane, Liam Kennedy, Martimn McCarthy, Dominick Scanlaon, Aidan O'Connor & Riobard Pierse.
Mike Barry of Listowel Celtic takes a penalty. Mike is watched by Paddy Mulvihill, Christy Sheehy, Mark Loughnane, Liam Kennedy, Martimn McCarthy, Dominick Scanlaon, Aidan O'Connor and Riobard Pierse.

LISTOWEL'S out to break another world record - this time for the most amount of Futsal penalties taken in a row!

It's all part of the huge day's fun taking place at Listowel Celtic next month to mark the club's 50th birthday and they are now calling on the people of Listowel and north Kerry to come on board to break the record.

Nunday showed exactly what the region was capable of last year, getting the Frank Sheehy Park into the Guinness World Record books as the location for the largest-ever gathering of people dressed as nuns.

This year, will hopefully mark the turn of the Pat Kennedy Park in Tanvalla!

"We're trying to get a list together at present now of penalty takers for the day," Celtic's Aiden O'Connor said. "931 is the record, set in Japan in 2011, that's what we're out to beat but it is going to be very tough and tightly-controlled to meet the standards of Guinness World Records."

A maximum of only thirty seconds is all that will be allowed between each attempt. "The whole thing is nullified if even one transition takes longer than thirty seconds. Thankfully, it doesn't matter whether the taker scores a goal or not."

At least with Futsal, the ball will be that bit closer the goalmouth, but Celtic will still have some job marshalling through 1,000 plus takers in rapid-fire succession.

"Nunday really showed us what can be achieved. We initially thought about trying to break the record for normal penalties, but that's at 1,800. It was Riobard Pierse who came up with the idea of Futsal and we're hoping everyone will now get behind it!"

Those who succeed in scoring will, meanwhile, be singled out as part of an elite on the day, getting their own stickers to ad to the birthday banter.

It's one of a dizzying range of activities taking place in Tanavalla on the day, as the club puts together a fun-filled programme to celebrate its huge milestone. Apart from a nine-aside blitz for men and women, there will also be a slew of soccer-related novelty events taking place, with bouncy castles and so much else in situ.

And the big banquet takes place that night in the Listowel Arms in an event that is already selling fast. It all takes place on Saturday, July 6, with registration for the Futsal World-Record attempt from 12 noon at Tanavalla.


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