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Priest publishes study of near-death experiences


Published 29/10/2008 | 15:13

'I WANT To Go To Heaven The Moment I Die' is the title of a newly published book by Ferns priest, Fr Thady Doyle, who publishes the monthly magazine 'The Curate's Diary' and operates a writing and preaching ministry from his House of Mission in Shillelagh.

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'This book, with its analyses of both near death and real life experiences, has the capacity to profoundly impact on how one understands the nature of God, the nature of eternal life, how judgement takes place and what it consists of; the teaching of Jesus, the nature of the human person as an embodied spirit, and how to become open to spiritual and emotional healing,' he states.

The book includes testimonies of near death experiences by twelve people of different religious persuasions and none. One example relates how George Rodonaia, a 'good' atheist, after being assassinated by the KGB and his body left in the mortuary for three days came alive when the autopsy began. Following his experience, not merely did he become a believer, but he became a priest in the Russian Orthodox Church.

Another, Dr. Howard Storm, born into a Christian family, became a 'bitter' atheist with a chip on his shoulder against Christians. During a near death experience, he found himself being dragged to the gates of hell by evil spirits. After his recovery, not merely did he become a Christian, but also a Methodist minister, going as a missionary to South America. But while he is a Methodist minister, he very much believes in the Catholic understanding of Purgatory as he believes that he was there.

The last quarter of the book gives practical steps towards ensuring that one will be able to go to Heaven the very moment that one dies; effectively how the ordinary person can live a life of deep union with Jesus.

The book is available from the author, Fr Thady Doyle, House of Mission, Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow. For Great Britain the price is £6.50 or ¤8.00 (including postage) if ordered direct.

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