House is burgled on Christmas Day



Published 01/01/2013 | 11:11

A GRINCH stole Christmas on one Gorey family who returned home on Christmas evening after a festive visit to find their home had been burgled.

The humbug thief broke into a house at Hillcrest Drive some time on Christmas Day, rifled through the Christmas presents and other valuables, and made off with whatever he could carry. Electrical goods and a new mobile phone were among the items taken.

The family were away at the time, and returned home to find some of their valued belongings missing. While most other households welcome a certain visitor in the early hours of Christmas morning, who comes bearing gifts, this unwelcome intruder was set on taking them away again.

Gardaí said it's relatively rare for a burglary to take place on Christmas Day itself. 'It's rare enough for a house to be burgled on the day itself, because people are generally at home,' said a Gorey Garda Station spokesman.

'It's shocking to think that this could happen on Christmas Day of all days,' said one local mother. 'It's the lowest of the low.'

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