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Hard to sell cheap petrol!



Published 30/10/2012 | 12:00

IT'S THE cheapest petrol in County Wexford and among the cheapest in all of Ireland - yet it's proving difficult to sell it.

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Carton's Service Station in Camolin was last week selling the fuel at 159.9 cents per litre, on a day when the average petrol price nationally was listed at 167.9. However, owner Conor Carton said that instead of seeing people flocking to the forecourt to take advantage of the value, his regular trade had instead dropped by about half.

The reason is the major resurfacing work taking place on the N11 outside the garage and through Camolin as a whole. Traffic cones outside the service station meant that access to the pumps was restricted to one side only instead of the usual two, and people just weren't pulling for fear of even lengthier delays in getting moving on the main road again.

'We had to try do something to bring people in,' he said. ' But the roadworks are having a major impact. I'd say that our sales have dropped 50 per cent. It's just stagnant traffic outside your door. And when people have been sitting in traffic for ages, they don't want to stop at the shop. They just want to get moving again.'

Conor says that other businesses in the village are also suffering due to the road works, but they do recognise that it is necessary. 'We're all in the same boat. I'd say everyone is down about the same 50 per cent. But at the end of the day it needs to be done and it will be a fine job when it's finished. Progress seems to be going well too. We'll just have to grin and bear it for another month.'

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