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Shelter from the storms

Published 29/10/2013 | 10:05

Oil rig pictured off Courtown believed to be sheltering from the storms
Oil rig pictured off Courtown believed to be sheltering from the storms

With meteorologists warning that England, Wales and parts of Ireland were about to be hit by 'the worst storm in years' over the past couple of days, some sought shelter around Courtown.

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What looked like a large oil rig was spotted just off the coast on Sunday afternoon, seeking shelter from the gale force winds. It later emerged however that it was in fact a 'jack-up rig' which had been carrying out service work on windmills.

'It's like a large pontoon. It's a ship but it's a pontoon as well,' said Cllr Robbie Ireton. 'I was talking to a couple of the lads from the RNLI and they said that it could've been out servicing the windmills and came in closer to the shore to find shelter.'

Cllr Ireton said that there was another surprise arrival just off Courtown yesterday (Monday). 'At the moment, I'm looking out here and there's a large de-commissioned British Navy Ship just off the coast. There are no guns aboard and I don't know where she's going but obviously they are seeking a bit of shelter here too.'

A number of flights and sailings across the Irish Sea were cancelled over the bank holiday weekend, which led to the conlusion that both vessels were seeking shelter off Courtown from some of the choppier conditions further out to sea.

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