Thursday 8 December 2016

No clear reason for attacks of Migraine 

Dr Michelle Cooper's Good Health About 1 in 4 women and about 1 in 12 men develop migraine at some point in their lives. It most commonly starts in childhood years or in early adult life. Some people suffer from frequent attacks - sometimes several attacks per week. Others suffer from infrequent attacks only occurring now and then and some may go for years between attacks. In some people, the migraine attacks stop in later adult life. However, in some cases the attacks continue...

EU far from perfect but idea is inspirational 

Fr Michael Commane - The Way I See It On June 10 the people of Lidice, which is in the northwest of the Czech Republic, commemorated a terrible event. On that June day in 1942 the Germans razed the little village to the ground and killed all 172 men, sent the women and many of the children to the concentration camp at Ravensbrück. Any Aryan-looking children were sent as orphans to Germany. When they had destroyed the village they sowed grass-seed to make sure the...