Wednesday 26 July 2017

Sheamus wrestles his way to the top


A FORMER Swords based IT technican has decided on a career change â?“ and it's taken him to the top of the ladder in the sport of professional wrestling.

The man, now billed as Sheamus, began his career with the Irish Whip Wrestling organisation, appearing in shows in the Combined Clubs in Balbriggan and the Fingallians complex in Swords, and worked his way to the top in Ireland, claiming the heavyweight championship on two occasions.

Working with the Hartford company in Swords, he moved to a role with them in England two years ago and then decided to concentrate on his first love â?“ wrestling.

That took him Stateside and after lifting the Florida State Championship with a victory over another rising star, Jack Swagger, in 2008, he broke into the big time this summer, making his debut in Extreme Championship Wrestling on June 30th in Phoenix, live on American TV, beating Oliver John.

Since then he has appeared almost every week on Sky Sports as one of the main show wrestlers, enjoying a series of bouts against experienced wrestler Goldust.

He has kept his run going and is now set for a series of bouts with the talented Shelton Benjamin with the possibility of becoming the ECW heavyweight champion inside the next six months.

In July, he defeated a Scottish wrestler called Drew McIntyre, who will be better remembered as Drew Galloway to wrestling fans in Fingal. The Scotsman faced Sheamus on a number of occasions in the Iww in the past, including a famous bout at the Fingallians ground in Swords. On that occasion, one of the fights ended up with two wrestlers bursting through the emergency exit doors into the car park, causing something of a surprise to the London hurling team who had arrived for a training session on the all-weather pitch nearby!

Such is his rise, Sheamus (real name Stephen Farrelly) is likely to figure in shows all over the world as the brand builds his reputation.

Weighing in at 20 stone and 6' 6'', Sheamus is a fluent Irish speaker and makes no apologies for using his fiery red hair to get him attention.

He has played GAA with Erin's Isle in the past and is a former Sportstar of the Month winner in the annual Clarion Hotel, Dublin Airport/ Fingal Independent awards.

While building up his reputation, he has worked as personal security for Bono and Denise Van Outen and starred in a film called The Escapist with Joseph Fiennes.

His birthday is billed as '3,000BC' !

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