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Retink pass endurance test


Published 13/11/2012 | 12:54

THE last event of the off-road calendar, The Martin Finnegan 100 Miler, took place in Gormanston recently, and it turned out to be a very exciting finale to the season.

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This event consisted of two riders on a team, who had to ride for three hours between them, in the hope that they would do the most laps, with the prestigious Martin Finnegan Memorial Trophy the prize at stake. ReTink Racing was represented by Jordan Keogh and Alan Scott and both were in high spirits and looking forward to the event, and as usual they were quietly confident of a good result. This event is different as it has a Le Mans-style start, with Alan out first. With the blast of a shotgun they were off with a 100m dash to their machines. Alan's machine fired up with the first kick, and he got away in third position.

Alan completed the first 15 minutes of the race before Jordan took over. Jordan was out on the big 450 machine and he got the head down and rode good consistent laps, and despite stalling the bike a couple of times on tight corners, he managed to finish his session still in second place. At this point the team knew they were behind and they got their heads together to come up with a strategy that was going to win. Knowing that the race was likely to be won in the pits, as they had one less pit stop than the rest of the teams, their tactic just meant that Jordan would be out on the bike for an hour and 15 minutes. The plan was working until Alan got a front-wheel puncture, so he had to come in to pit, and Jordan was back out on his bike to finish the race.

At this moment nobody knew who was in the lead, but everyone knew it was tight as Jordan set off. The team that was tooth and nail with them sent out their quick rider to finish, with Shane Mulligan on a mission. He put in some quick laps until the end, while Jordan rode steadily, trying not to make mistakes as he was on the bike for more than an hour. At the end of the three hours the two riders went across the line not far apart and it was the ReTink Racing riders who won by the smallest of margins, 3.36 seconds. Retink Racing would like to thank all those who have supported the team in 2012, especially E-Tec Power Management, Dixon International Transport, Dave Marron Motors, Noone Transport, Country Crest, CCM Racing, ReTink Graphics, JVE Electrical, Ian Russell, Alan's Fruit & Veg., Mark Ryder Plant Hire, Callan Computers, Wulfsport and GForce Suspensions. Keep er lit!

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