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Published 23/10/2012 | 15:08

Flooding in the Brookford area of Rush last month.
Flooding in the Brookford area of Rush last month.

LEGAL ACTION is being taken against Bord Gais after an investigation into major flooding in the Rush area found that a gas main had cut through a water pipe, making it 'relatively ineffective' to deal with last month's torrential downpours. Householders in Brookford, Brookford Park and Seabrook were effectively blocked into their houses due to flooding on Brook Lane, which leads into the three estates. The issue was raised by Cllr Ken Farrell (Lab) at a Balbriggan/Swords area committee meeting who called for the council to give detailed plans to ensure that the serious flooding would be resolved, as well as demanding an explanation as to the cause of the problems in the area. In response, the council said that the flooding could be attributed to localised intensive rainfall events, which resulted in significant surface water run-off volumes in the area. 'At the corner of the Brook Road where it meets with Haystown Road, it has been discovered following an excavation last week that a Bord Gais main has passed through a surface water line, breaking it and thus making it relatively ineffective. We are presently laying a new Surface Water line at this location to rectify this problem,' councillors were informed. 'Some grids that were placed on a downstream culvert at this location will be removed and this should help to alleviate flooding in normal rainfall circumstances.' it added Works which have been ongoing on Brook Lane, Rush as part of compliance works as required by the planning conditions of the Brookford Estate Development Phase 2) over the last 12 months were not to blame, the council stated.

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When pressed on whether the council had been in contact with Bord Gais regarding the broken main and whether legal action would be taken, councillors were informed that they had been in touch and legal action was being taken. Speaking at the meeting, Cllr Farrell said he accepted that there was adverse weather conditions but added that he was quite convinced they would be having this type of rainfall on a regular basis. He said that Brookford Park and Seapoint were new estates with about 500 new houses. 'I wasn't a councillor at the time planning permissions were given here but it beggar's belief that we grant permission when it was evident that there were serious problems here. 'People in Kenure never had a difficulty with flooding but they have now seen serious flooding,' he said. Cllr Farrell added that market gardeners were also affected and that they had never had these type of problems until the recent developments.

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