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Top tips for booking your wedding venue


Published 11/09/2012 | 17:10


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Date: Before you make any selection on venue it is very important to know the time of year that you want to get married. The time of year can dictate cost. Do not restrict yourself to one date, have a few in mind. 2. The Actual Venue: Venues come in all shapes and sizes. There are castles, contemporary hotels, rural wedding venues, marquee venues and the list goes on. I look after a contemporary elegant wedding venue which is adaptable for every season. Always ask: minimum numbers, maximum and minimum capacity, accessibility, civil ceremony or blessing facilities, guest accommodation, late bar, bridal suite, car parking, where can you get photographs taken-if not at the venue where is close by? 3. Décor: The type of venue you pick will more than likely dictate the décor. If you want to add special touches or if the motto ' less is more' is for you, your best bet is to go with a venue with neutral decor. The Baskin Suite uses ivory and gold tones. This allows you to match your colour theme or keep as is. Fairy light back drops are very popular; we can include that in some packages. 4. Cost: Meet with the wedding coordinator and get the full cost. See if there is room to negotiate. The Baskin Suite has recently launched an allinclusive package that includes everything that you will need on your dayflowers, car, entertainment, cake and all venue items. The great thing about the all-inclusive package is that it saves on time and cost. Also ask if there are any hidden costs! 5. Service & Wedding Coordinator: The wedding coordinator plays a huge role in your wedding experience, the more experienced, professional and approachable the wedding coordinator is, the better you will feel throughout the whole experience. 6. Food: Make sure to select something that appeals to the majority of your guests. Also check that they can cater for vegetarians, children and all dietary requirements. 7. Beverage: If you decide to have wine during your meal- try and taste! Have a think about your toast drink you can let each guest choose their own drink or do a set drink such as champagne or sparkling wine. 8. Entertainment: When selecting a band or DJ I always recommend going and viewing them. Make contact with them and get a list of their upcoming gigs. 9. Restrictions: Check if the venue has any restrictions i.e no late bar, no children allowed etc. 10. Deposit & Contract: Most deposits are non-refundable. Anything you have agreed - get it in writing!

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