Wednesday 26 April 2017

Three major players in industry

FOODCENTRAL WAS established last year in order to cluster food and drink companies together at a strategic location to improve competitiveness, share learnings and drive efficiency.

Currently located in FoodCentral are three major players in the food industry - Keelings, Donnelly and Brakes. Currently 75% of Ireland's retail food distribution operates within 25km of FoodCentral, highlighting the importance of this region for the industry. One of the key attractions at the park is the CHP (combined heat and power unit). This 2.0 megawatt unit has been installed on site and will be further integrated into operations in FoodCentral. There is also a shared fuel facility & centralised facilities management. FoodCentral has had some high profile visitors of late, most recently Taoiseach Enda Kenny. A Chinese delegation of some 20 government officials also visited the park recently and they were highly impressed with the growing and packing facilities at FoodCentral, particularly in terms of food safety, quality and state of the art technology. The food park already has over 1,000 people employed within it and is planned to accommodate business operations across the food industry in a sustainable 'green' environment. FoodCentral offers clients a range of options including site sale, design and build or lease options, shared service synergies, environmental compliance efficiencies and cost savings, all in an attractive, landscaped and secure food park.

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