Thursday 21 September 2017

Swords praised for tackling litter

Swords Tidy Towns volunteers.
Swords Tidy Towns volunteers.

John Manning

SWORDS HAS once again improved its score in the Tidy Towns competition and the local committee has won praise from the judges particularly for its success in tackling litter on the town's streets.

After a relatively short time back in the competition, Swords continues to go from strength to strength thanks to a very hard working local committee and that is reflected in this year's score of 264, up five points from last year. The adjudicators' report on the town begins with praise for the committee on its efforts to reduce litter on the county capital's streets.

The report says: 'Your committee and a number of volunteers meet regularly and during clean ups. Congratulations on your achievement in the anti litter league 2011. You engage well with the council and local supermarkets in obtaining assistance with your projects.' The judges added: ' In a town of this vastness and with a large population, litter can be hard to combat but on the day of adjudication there was not much litter to be seen.' The committee was also praised for its communication with the local community but the judges said it needed to do more work with local schools and involve them more in the Tidy Towns effort. The judges believed the expansion of Swords in recent years had been generally managed well and that 'many buildings that were part of the earlier era have blended well with the new developments'.

On the centre of the town, the judges said: ' Swords town centre and plaza complex with tree lined entrance all serve the large population of Swords that has grown extensively. 'The Carnegie Library is an essential part to this large town as are the many Churches and Schools. It is good to see that some vacant houses and old houses have been renovated.' The report added: 'The town has many superb areas of landscaping. From the fine line of trees on Main Street to the superb planters that add great colour to this area.

'Swords town centre is another great spectacle of landscaping with its array of trees and planters full of glorious summer colour. The adjudicator admires the lovely yew trees at Church of Ireland and the splendid floral displays at the lovely stone house in the grounds.' The judges welcomed plans to encourage bio-diversity and wildlife in some of the parkland and river areas of Swords. The report ends positively, saying: 'The town of Swords is a pleasure to visit and adjudicate. The town has an urban rural touch with the many trees and landscaping that softens the concrete look and makes it less visible to the eye.'