Tuesday 27 June 2017

Statistics come from CSO figures

THE crime statistics have been complied from figures released by Central Statistics Office, which worked on the data collected by AllIsland Research Observatory (AIRO) at NUI Maynooth.

The tool, created by the researchers at AIRO, shows incidents of crime for each police station in the country. It contains breakdowns in the following crime categories: murder attempts/threats, assaults and harassments; burglary and related offences; controlled drug offences; dangerous or negligent acts; damage to property and the environment; fraud, deception and related offences; public order and social code offences; robbery, extortion and hijacking offences; theft and related offences; and weapons and explosions offences.

The breakdowns do not include data on rape, sexual offences and kidnappings due to data protection issues and sensitivity for individual victims who might be easily identified were this information published at Garda station level. Burglary refers to thefts which involve trespass onto residences. A small subset of these are 'aggravated burglary' which involve violence or the threat of violence. Theft relates to crimes, other than burglaries, where items are stolen (or attempts are made) where there is not an element of violence. Robberies refer to thefts where there is an element of violence, or an implied threat.

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