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Rush Garda Station closed despite 320 offences committed in area

Published 28/08/2012 | 14:58

BOTH Rush and Lusk, which experienced massive population growth over the past decade, have also witnessed dramatic jumps in crime levels, according to new figures.

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A total of 733 crimes were recorded between the two towns last year, compared to just 330 offences in 2003, when the areas were on the cusp of massive growth. Despite the jump in crime levels, Rush Garda Station was controversially closed last year against the wishes of the local community and politicians. Some 320 offences were recorded in that area, up from 186 in 2003, with theft once again the largest category.

Some 114 offences were recorded in that category, compared to 67 in 2003. Criminal damage amounted to 48 last year, a jump from 25 back in 2003, but down from the 2010 figure of 66. Public order jumped from 23 to 43 during the eight-year timeframe featured but again was down on the 2010 levels by just three. Drug offences also rose significantly, rising from just six in 2003 to 28 last year, while burglary offences actually dropped by two to 36 from 38 in 2003. The category of assaults, harassment and attempts/threats to murder has also risen jumping from 13 offences in 2003 to 18 last year, according to the figures.

Meanwhile, over at Lusk, some 413 crimes were recorded with theft accounting from over half, with 241 offences of that nature during the past 12 months. In 2003, there were just 43 theft-related offences recorded. Drugs-related offences jumped from just two in 2003 to 12 in 2011, while criminal damage offences increased from 16 to 46 during the timeframe. Burglaries jumped from 31 to41 over the course of the eight years, while public order rose from 10 to 26. The category of assaults, harassment and attempts/threats to murder actually dropped jumping from 23 offences in 2003 to 11 last year, according to the figures.

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