Wednesday 20 September 2017

Rival bidder against care centre plans


A computer-generated image of Rhonellen's planned primary care centre on the Dublin Road.
A computer-generated image of Rhonellen's planned primary care centre on the Dublin Road.


THERE has been a dramatic twist in the bid to bring a primary care centre to Balbriggan with a rival bidder for the project attempting to stop Rhonellen Developments from developing its proposed facility on the Dublin Road.

Fortdale Developments Ltd has a rival bid to build a primary care centre in Balbriggan on a site close to Millfield Shopping Centre and has lodged an objection to Rhonellen's application for planning permission to build its primary care centre on site close to St Peter and Paul's Church on the Dublin Road. On behalf of Fortdale, Manahan Planners submitted the objection to Fingal County Council, which is now considering the planning application. To date, it is the only objection formally submitted to the proposal. Speaking for Fortdale, Mahanan Planners told Fingal County Council: 'Our clients are not in the business of objecting against planning applications lodged by others, but our client's alternative proposal has been brought into this application so we must respond to the submission. In its planning application, Rhonellen Developments, the developer behind the Dublin Road project, explained why the site was chosen, saying: ' The subject site was selected by the design team following an initial assessment of four other sites within Balbriggan. Three of these were in the town centre but were deemed to be inadequate in size, unsuitable in terms of access or had site services issues. ' The remaining site was located on the periphery near the business park and was a greenfield site.' But the rival bid from Fortdale Developments claims that its site, close to Millfield Shopping Centre is ' better located'. The developers claim through Manahan Planners: 'It is adjacent to the Millfield Centre which is on lands the planning authority has zoned as a service point for the area. 'It is thus adjacent to an area designated to act as a service centre for the surrounding area. The majority of the recently developed housing in Balbriggan is located to the north west of the town centre. Our client's site is located within and is surrounded by that new housing.' The developer further argues that the Millfield site is 'sufficiently large to satisfactorily accommodate with ease a building that meets the requirements of the HSE for a primary care centre', and they argued: 'In contrast, the site on Dublin Road is insufficient in size and so it is necessary to shoehorn the proposal into that site with adverse consequences for neighbouring properties.' The rival bidders for the project said that the Rhonellen proposal should be denied planning permission, saying it would be 'visually obtrusive', would overshadow and overlook neighbouring properties, would be an over-development of a 'restricted site' and would fall short of adequate open space and car parking provision.