Saturday 28 May 2016

Reported pyrite cases jump to 71

Published 20/11/2012 | 09:58

THE council's reported cases of pyrite has jumped from 17 to 71 in revised figures issued to councillors this month in response to criticism of the a report in October that many felt minimised the problem.

County Manager David O'Connor said those figures were given in good faith but did not include cases notified to the council that showed all the signs of pyrite but had not yet been verified by a positive test. Those cases are included in new figures which are still only a tenth of the figure the Pyrite Panel estimated for Fingal. But these are only the cases where the council has been formally notified of the problem and may only represent the tip of the iceberg that is the pyrite crisis in the county. The 17 confirmed cases notified to the council and the 54 unconfirmed cases are from 32 estates all over Fingal. The names of those estates were withheld by the local authority in its latest report on the issue. The county manager David O'Connor said the council had decided to withhold the names of the estates to avoid a 'mistake perception about the level of pyrite' in affected estates. There was disagreement among councillors on the issue of keeping locations of pyrite secret with Cllr. Joan Maher and others arguing that often affected residents do not want their estates publicised. But. Cllr Ruth Coppinger (SP) said she thought that secrecy was 'adding to the problem' and said there was no longer any point to it because anyone buying a house anywhere in Fingal would now check for pyrite.

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