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Pyrite affects 31 estates across Fingal



Published 25/09/2012 | 14:40

SOME 31 estates in Fingal have been affected by pyrite according to Fingal County Council, which was answering questions from the Mayor of Fingal who has made the issue one of the central campaigns of his term of office.

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Mayor Cian O'Callaghan tabled a raft of questions on the issue at the first council meeting of the new term and asked where pyrite was found, what enforcement action was taken by the council on builders and developers. The council said: 'In all cases, the five-year period in which we can take enforcement action had passed, so all the complaints were sent to developers for attention and rectification. 'As the current system provides for self certification no large scale testing is required to be undertaken by Fingal County Council. 'It is only in the estates where council housing stock is, that testing was undertaken by the council.' The local authority said that only one of its own estates was proven to be affected by pyrite. On remediation of the problem in private estates, the council said: 'Remediation is normally done at individual household level where they contact their structural guarantee companies. 'Where tests that prove existence of pyrite are done on a building more than five-years-old the remediation is through mutual agreement and Fingal County Council cannot issue enforcement under section 8 of the Building Control Acts 1990-2007. 'We can only issue Section 8 enforcement notices of the Building Control Acts 1990-2007 within a five-year timeframe from when the property is completed, therefore, no enforcement action can be taken by the Inspectorate Division of Fingal County Council. 'Regarding Section 35 of the Development Act 2000-2010 only comes into the arena where a developer is in breach of enforcement action and they are looking for Planning permission.'

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