Preferred sewage plant site to be known in spring



Published 20/11/2012 | 09:58

A sewage plant protest at County Hall – over 7,000 people made submissions on the sewage plant plans during the last round of public consultations.

A SINGLE preferred site for the controversial giant regional sewage plant set for Fingal will be chosen in the spring of next year.

Fingal County Council and the Greater Dublin Drainage Project Team have published a report on this summer's round of public consultation on the project and revealed that three sites will be narrowed down to one in spring 2013. The report arrives five months after the completion of the latest round of public consultation on the project which saw over 7,000 citizens of the county make their feelings known on the plans, either by a personal submission or signing their name to petitions. On the release of the report, Project Engineer, Peter O'Reilly from Fingal County Council, said: 'People can read in this report about the issues stakeholders raised during the most recent, third non-statutory public consultation on the project, held in June and July this year. 'Members of the Greater Dublin Drainage Project Team are currently reviewing all the feedback they received and they are also undertaking technical studies on the three emerging preferred site options for the new regional wastewater treatment works and the associated orbital pipeline and outfall location. ' These three emerging site options are located at Annsbrook, Newtowncorduff and Clonshaugh.' The results of the ongoing technical studies and the feedback contained in the consultation report will inform the Project Team's decision on an emerging preferred site option. When an emerging preferred site option is identified next year, the Project Team said it will work closely with the local community within which the new regional wastewater treatment works will be built and with all other stakeholders to 'provide them with the information they need as the project progresses towards a planning application'. Fingal County Council said it is 'determined to bring the best possible project forward to be considered by An Bord Pleanála, when a planning application is submitted for the project'. An Bord Pleanála will hold its own statutory public consultation and everyone will have another opportunity to make their views on the project known to the independent Bord, in advance of any decisions being made. The council argued that the Greater Dublin Drainage project is 'critical to secure the sustainable future of the Greater Dublin Area and will provide the essential wastewater infrastructure to support future jobs and enterprise'. It says that the new regional wastewater treatment works will be needed to augment the Ringsend regional wastewater treatment works after 2020 and will be developed in phases. When it opens the council says it will be 'no bigger than a sixth of the size of the Ringsend plant'. ' Even when fully extended, by 2040, the new plant in north County Dublin will not be more than one third of the size of the fully extended Ringsend plant,' the local authority claimed.

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