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Playground plans for Thornleigh Court



Published 09/10/2012 | 12:40

ALTHOUGH THE council has admitted that there is no funding in place for the project, a public consultation process is to be completed on a proposal to build a new children's playground at Thornleigh Court in Swords.

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Explaining the move, the council said: ' There is no public playground in the Applewood area of Swords. 'During the development of the large open space by the Broadmeadow River the line of the boundary railing was selected to ensure a small part of the open space remained on the estate side of the railing to allow for future development of a playground for young children without the risk of them straying to the river side. 'In 2012 residents of the area met council representatives and agreed that this is a suitable location and the proposal should be presented to the Members and, if approved, the Part XI public consultation procedure commenced.' Putting the proposal before the elected members of the Swords Area Committee, the council said: ' Though no funding is in place to deliver this playground it was agreed with the residents to seek the approval of the members and complete public consultation so that when funding becomes available works can proceed immediately following public tender of the works.' Although the project remains notional without funding, a detailed design is in place. The playground will be 400 square metres and similar to the layout and design of other playgrounds of its size around the county. A mini pitch was provided on the open space several years ago and for this reason the provision of a multi-games area or MUGA for older children is not included in the proposal. Councillors on the Swords Area Committee agreed to let the public consultation process for the project be completed.

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