Wednesday 20 September 2017

Opposition group accuses council of showing 'no regard' for the views of local communities

NEWS THAT the project team charged with identifying a site for the proposed sewage plant will further reduce the number of possible locations by the early summer has been condemned by opponents of the plan.

A spokesperson for Reclaim Fingal Alliance, an umbrella organisation representing communities opposed to the plan, , claimed that 'no regard was being shown for the views of the local communities'. Community groups in Swords, Skerries, Lusk, Rush, Ballyboughal, Loughshinny, Annsbrook, Donabate and Portrane have come together to form an alliance to oppose the siting of a single large treatment plant anywhere in the Fingal local authority area Sites located at Annsbrook, Baldurgan and Cookstown close to Ballyboughal, Cloghran, Clonshaugh and Saucers town, Newtown corduff, Rathartan and Tyrrelstown Little were all identified as possible homes for the project. These will now be further reduced after an evaluation by the project team and consultants. The spokesperson said communities across Fingal had sent a clear message to the council in what he described as an 'unprecedented coming together of 10 or 12 communities in the area'. He accused the council of wasting €20m over six years as it tried to previously locate the plant in Portrane, as well as squandering further millions in attempting to proceed with the controversial Nevitt landfill plant, which has also been scrapped. He said there was an 'arrogance' about the council which refused to listen to the 'valid, well-researched and thought out views of the communities.' 'We are not cranks – we are making valid arguments,' he said, adding that the plan was just a 'pay day for consultants'. 'The communities have spoken and it is time they adopted a different approach. This is a country in bail out. They need to go back to the drawing board,' he told the Fingal Independent.