Monday 27 February 2017

Number of homes double



THE state of housing in Fingal is detailed in the latest figures released from Census 2011 which shows the number of homes in the county has more than doubled in 15 years.

Entitled ' The Roof over our Heads', the latest report based on the Census figures collected last year reveal something of the living conditions of the citizens of Fingal. On Census night, the Central Statistics Office found there was a total housing stock in Fingal of some 102,793 homes. On the night the Census was taken there were just over 4,000 houses vacant as well as 2,823 vacant flats, giving the county a vacancy rate of some 7%. Just 311 of those properties were identified in the Census as being ' holiday homes' and the overwhelming majority, some 92,951, were occupied on the night by the usual residents of the home. The increase in housing stock in the county has been staggering since the 1996 Census which recorded less than half the number of homes found in the county in 2011 at some 50,626. Back in 1996 there were just 1,702 vacant homes in the county and the vacancy rate was less than half what it is today at 3.4%. In the 2002 Census, the number of homes in the county rose to 65,432. But in the next decade, the overall increase in building activity in the county as the Celtic Tiger years kicked in is clearly visible in the Census figures, which show an explosion in the number of homes available in Fingal. By 2006, the number of homes in the county had risen sharply to 89,909, and in the five years that followed it rose again dramatically to over 100,000 for the fist time to the 2011 number of 102,793.

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