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No funding available to build playground at Swords Manor


Published 02/10/2012 | 17:00

FIRST THE residents of Brackenstown and Swords Manor were promised a community centre for many years which has, so far, failed to materialise and now the council has agreed to provide a new playground and multi-use games area for this part of Swords but admits that, right now, it does not have the funds to build it.

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The council explained the proposal to councillors on the Swords Area Committee, saying: 'For many years the council maintained the playground in the Ward River Valley Park. Due to its location this playground was particularly susceptible to vandalism which had reached a level where repair costs had become unsustainable. 'In 2012, residents of Swords Manor approached the council regarding the provision of a playground on the Swords Manor side of the park. 'The selected location is on the edge of the park between the football pitches and Park Avenue almost opposite the Swords Manor Shopping Centre. 'The location allows for the future development of a community centre and tennis courts as shown on the drawing. ' The provision of a playground at this time will not adversely affect future proposals to develop the community centre and tennis courts.' On funding for the project, the council said: ' Though no funding is in place to deliver this playground it was agreed with the residents to seek the approval of the Members to complete public consultation so that when funding becomes available works can proceed immediately following public tender of the works.' Councillors agreed the public consultation process should go ahead but were concerned about raising the hopes of the local community who had been let down in the past in relation to their promised community centre. Cllr. Tom Kelleher (Lab) said there was a ' touch of neverever land' about the proposal and said that the council had built up expectations in this community before. Cllr. Darragh Butler (FF) agreed and said that the community centre remains the priority for this area of Swords and he welcomed the commitment that this proposal would not interfere with that objective.

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