Saturday 20 September 2014

Murphy challenges council to provide more playgrounds

Published 01/04/2014 | 05:32

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Independent local election candidate for Balbriggan, Tony Murphy, appeals for more playgrounds for the town.

AN INDEPENDENT local election candidate for Balbriggan has challenged Fingal County Council to provide more playground facilities for the thousands of children who are bereft of play facilities in the town.

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Independent candidate for the Balbriggan ward, Tony Murphy said: 'With a population of over 20,000 residents, 8,000 of whom are under 18 years of age, the people of Balbriggan deserve proper recreation facilities in public spaces.'

Mr Murphy added: 'It beggars belief that with all the housing development and levies paid by builders to the council over the last 10 years that Fingal County Council have not seen fit to invest some of the money collected from the builders in facilities for the children of the town.'

The local election candidate said: 'I have received regular representation from residents expressing their anger at the disgraceful manner of the way that they have been treated over the years by their council, particularly, when they see the facilities provided in neighbouring towns in the county.'

He added: 'We were promised a swimming pool, theatrical performance space and a maritime museum, all of which seem to have been forgotten.

'It's interesting to see however, that these and other large projects are now being highlighted as election promises at this point, nine weeks before the county council elections.'

Mr Murphy concluded: 'I believe that these projects should be delivered for the people of Balbriggan but I will not make an election issue out of something that I could not guarantee to deliver.'

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