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Man (88) conned out of €1,000


Published 28/08/2012 | 14:58

AN 88-year-old man in Swords has been swindled out of €1,000 by callous con-men operating in the area targeting elderly people in a roofing scam.

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Two men in their 30s knocked on the door of the unsuspecting elderly resident of Pinegrove Park in Swords on the morning of August 23 at 10a.m. where they put the elaborate con into action. They told the 88-year-old householder that they were roofers and were concerned that his roof might be in poor condition.

He took one of the men through the house to the back garden, supposedly to inspect the roof more closely, while the second con-man stayed in the house. That second man rifled through a bedroom while his accomplice was outside but that was not the profitable part of the con for the unscrupulous pair.

They convinced the elderly householder that his roof was badly damaged and posed an immediate danger. The con-men told the Swords man that they could fix it straight away but needed money to buy materials. They managed to convince the 88-year-old to first hand over €600 for supplies and then a further €400 before leaving the house, never to return. They left behind only a fake mobile phone number.

The two men are both described as being in their 30s. One had a slight build and the other one is described as 'stocky'. The man was said to be 'very shaken' by the incident and local gardaí have issued a warning to all householders not to hand over money to tradesmen until they are sure of their bonafides. If you are not convinced by their identification then check them out by phoning their employers or any trade or professional organisation they might be affiliated to. Gardaí in Swords are investigating the cruel crime and are examining CCTV in the area.

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