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Leap year joy



Published 13/03/2012 | 11:48

LUSK'S FAMOUS martial arts clan, the Dennis welcomed the latest addition to the family, little Bridget on this year's leap day, February 29th when she made her early arrival in Drogheda's Lourdes Hospital.

The baby's grandfather is 'Judo Jack', who has won dozens of international medals, while her dad, Paddy, now retired due to injury, is also an award winner. The whole family is steeped in the martial arts, but her mum, Felicity has just one question: 'How will they register her age? 'Will it mean when she is ready to fight as an under-16 will she really be a classified as a four-year-old because she's only had four ' birthdays'?, asks Felicity. A paedeatric nurse in the Lourdes Hospital, Felicity, who is from Clontarf originally, predicted that Bridget, who is named after women from both sides of the family would be born on February 29th. ' They all laughed at me because from day one, I said I would have a girl on the leap day, but I was right.' She was the 19th baby born on the day which is a record number for the unit which averages 12 deliveries most days and Bridget was also the last baby to arrive at 10.29pm. While birthday parties won't be a problem for Bridget's big brother, Philip, who is two and a quarter and wasn't born on a leap day, there has been a discussion about celebrating the baby's birthday. Her proud dad, Paddy has decided it will be on March 1st because it is ' the first day of spring and the day on which we celebrate new life,' says Felicity. Just four days after her arrival, Bridget attended her first family party when Judo Jack and his wife, Eleanor celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary surrounded by their children and grandchildren.

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