Friday 24 February 2017

Junction to be examined

THE lay-out and lining at a junction of the Hole-In-TheWall Road and Moyne Road in Portmarnock is to be examined by the council.

Cllr. Peter Coyle (Lab) asked for the junction to be re-examined and suggested that a mini-roundabout might improve safety.

Council officials questioned whether that would be a suitable solution but agreed to look at the junction to see where safety could be improved.

Cllr. Coyle said he had safety concerns about the junction, particularly for traffic turning right onto Moyne Road.

The local authority said: 'The council met with the Gardaí to discuss this junction during October 2011 and they had no objections to the layout that was in place.

'The layout was put in place to give some definition to a very wide junction. The junction of the Hole in the Wall Road/Moyne Road will be reexamined for safe turning.'

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