Saturday 22 July 2017

Inability to identify source of leak 'a major source of embarrassment'

THE inability of Fingal County Council to identify the source of a leak on the Main Street in Lusk is a major source of embarrassment, not just for the local authority, but also for the elected representatives in the area, it has been claimed.

The comments were made by Cllr Ken Farrell (Lab) who raised the issue, which he said had been ongoing for the last few years. The local authority reported that the water services department had investigated the issue on a number of occasions but had not yet been able to resolve the issue. It stated: ' There are no water mains on the side of the road where the water is showing up on the carriageway at Main Street, Lusk. Excavations where the water was showing up did expose a number of cable ducts which were the source of the water.

Attempts to 'follow' these ducts to discover the source of the water have so far not proved fruitful,' the council added ' The gradient of the road facilitates the transfer of water through the ground and cable ducts and investigations to date have not identified the source of the water. Excavations in the vicinity of Post Office Road have also failed to locate the source of the water.'

The council added that water sample results were also inconclusive and that extensive monitoring by the Leakage Section did not detect any losses from the water network in the area. ' The Water Services Department will continue to progress a solution to the matter within the current programme of works,' Cllr Farrell was informed. Cllr Farrell said that the optics of this issue were not good when at a time when there is water shortages that there could be water running down the main street. 'This is an embarrassment for the council and the local representatives. 'I don't know how to resolve this but no matter what you say, it's not good enough. It couldn't be in a worse spot,' Cllr Farrell added.

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