Monday 24 July 2017

Impact on economy could be 'devastating'

THE SITING of a giant regional sewage plant in Fingal could have a devastating impact on the local economy and the livlihoods of neighbours of the chosen site, according to submissions made by the public in the latest round of consultation on the controversial project.

Many of the hundreds of submissions to the Greater Dublin Drainage Project Team pointed out that the areas affected by the project were known for ' strong agriculture, fishing and tourism industries' and that the plant could reduce the value of those industries and impact on the livlihoods of local people. A number of submissions said that the proposed plant would 'damage the economic potential of the locality'. One submission stated the project will have a negative impact on the ' decent, hard-working and already hard-pressed families, deriving their income for generations from farming and horticulture'. Another economic concern around the project was its possible effects on house prices and property values. One submission asked: 'Already in negative equity – what will a giant sewage treatment plant do to the value of our homes?' Another submission explained: ' It will have detrimental impact on the appeal and value on the greater numbers of domestic homes in the area.' It was also feared, particularly with the Clonshaugh site, that already vulnerable socio-economic communities would be disrupted by the development with one submission stating it was 'outrageous' to locate the project in a 'district of vulnerable lower-income residents'.

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