Monday 29 May 2017

'Home alone' child found in playground

A FIVE-YEAR- OLD child left ' home alone' by its mother in their Balbriggan home managed to escape the house through a window and spend time at a local playground before a neighbour found her and took her home.

The youngster was left alone in a house in Balbriggan while her mother 'ran errands', according to Garda sources. The child managed to open a window and escape the house and made its way to a local playground where it was later found by a neighbour. The child made its way to a local playground and played there for some time before being noticed by a neighbour who took the five-year-old back home. Gardaí were alerted to the incident and have notified the HSE who will arrange to have the mother visited by a social worker to talk about her 'parental responsibilities'.

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