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'Hard to see' where funds can be found for Brackenstown centre


Published 18/09/2012 | 16:48

THE council has admitted it is ' hard to see' where funds can be raised to progress the long-promised and even longer-awaited community centre for Brackenstown in Swords.

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At a meeting of the Swords Area Committee, Cllr. Darragh Butler (FF) asked the council to give an update on the ' long-awaited and much-wanted Brackenstown Community Centre' and asked that 'this project be re-considered as part of the upcoming budget discussions'. But there was little comfort for the councillor or the residents of Brackenstown in the reply from the council, which stated: 'As previously reported to the committee, the problem for the progressing of this project is the absence of the necessary funding for the delivery of this centre. 'While it had been anticipated in previous Three Year Capital programmes that this facility would be funded from development levies, this source of funding has dried up for the foreseeable future. 'It is, therefore, not possible to indicate when this project is likely to proceed.' The depressing conclusion of the council on the project was: ' The concept as it existed some years ago was estimated to be of the order of €3.75 million with a requirement that the community would raise the €0.75 million. 'With the continuing current economic situation it is hard to see when this level of funding would be available.'

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