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Flood relief scheme would cost €1.5m

Published 23/10/2012 | 15:08

THE ESTIMATED cost of implementing a flood relief scheme in Skerries is €1.5m and will be funded by the OPW, local councillors have been informed. Cllr Ciaran Byrne (Lab) had asked the local authority to undertake a range of works to ensure that houses at the Maltings and Miller's Lane are protected from flooding during periods of heavy rainfall.

He also suggested that dredging the adjacent scheme, lowering the level of 'Swan's Lake' in the Mill prior to heavy rainfall and assessment of water flow drainage pies feeding into the stream from adjacent housing estates be carried out. The council stated that the flooding risk for the area had been highlighted in the FEFRAMS study and as up to 80 properties are at risk, it is one of several flood relief schemes recommended.

The scheme, which will cost an estimated €1.5m, will be funded and implemented by the OPW. The planned works have been modeled to ensure that the proposed measures undertaken do not have any adverse consequences on other properties down stream of the works. No other works should be undertaken unless agreed with the OPW in advance. Cllr Byrne asked when the money would be available for the works. 'If we get another burst of rainfall, the likelihood is people will be flooded out. 'It's a severe problem and causing untold difficulty for local residents and blocking traffic for up to 48 hours.'

A council official said that the OPW will carry out the work themselves. ' They will engage contractors as opposed to us carrying it out. The detail design and other works has to be done.' He said the the details of the recent events to try and spur them on and encourage them to carry out the work. He said that the first step was to get a timescale for the works and if it was going to be a number of years, some interim works will have to be carried out. Cllr Byrne urged the local.

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