Tuesday 17 October 2017

Five years of trying to secure Balbriggan PCC

THE HSE has issued a statement explaining the history of its involvement with trying to realise a primary care centre for Balbriggan since 2007.

The story has been detailed in the pages of the Fingal Independent in the intervening years and the HSE statement summarises the story of the last five years in the life of the long-promised primary care centre for Balbriggan. The HSE explained: 'Newspaper advertisements were placed in December 2007 and June 2008 inviting submissions from parties interested in developing the sites as primary care centre locations. 'Submissions received for Balbriggan were assessed and technical dialogue meetings with qualifying parties were completed. 'A preferred provider was identified who satisfied the HSE key criteria and had offered acceptable accommodation, in development, at a suitable location in the town of Balbriggan at Stephenstown Business Park which is accessible to Dublin Street via pedestrian access off the public car park on Dublin Street.' The statement continues: ' On October 2, 2008 HSE Board approval was received to progress a lease in Balbriggan via the operational lease mechanism. 'The board authorised progression of discussions for up to 21,500ft square within an acceptable rate band. We are not in a position to disclose rates at this point as this remains commercially sensitive. The term of the lease arrangement would be 25 years.' The HSE stated: ' A letter of intent was issued 3rd November 2008 to the preferred provider which contained a number of conditions which the preferred provider had to satisfy to allow agreement of a lease proposal including.' These conditions included securing contracts with GPs to participate in the venture but the preferred bidder at the time failed to do so and on November 1, 2010 the HSE withdrew the letter of intent and went back to the drawing board. The HSE statement explains: 'Following that, detailed discussions took place between interested parties and GPs in the area and a number of alternative expressions of interest were received . The Rhonnellen (the group now attached to the project) expression of interest which identified the 66-70 Dublin Street site was first received in August 2011. 'The final date for receipt of submissions which had rates and GP declarations of commitment was set by the HSE as being September 15, 2011 and two such submissions were received . 'In September 2011 the preferred provider which is Rhonellen Ltd was selected on the basis of acceptable location, acceptable rates offered and maximised GP involvement and in November 2011, the HSE signed an agreement to enter into a lease for a the provision of new primary care centre in Balbriggan via this operational lease process.' The HSE added: 'This agreement is subject to a number of conditions, one of which is that an application for planning permission is lodged within certain timeframes. 'The planning application for this scheme has been confirmed as needing to be lodged by the end of October 2012 at the latest. The site for the proposed Primary Care Centre in Balbriggan is 66-70 Dublin Street, Balbriggan. 'Acquisition of the site is the responsibility of the developer not the HSE. The operational lease mechanism requires the developer to secure GP involvement.' Comments Facility

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