Sunday 23 April 2017

Farmer may lose his land to sewage plant

A FAMILY who have farmed in Cloghran for more than 50 years stand to lose a farm and a home if their site is chosen to host a planned giant regional sewage plant.

Joe Jones took over the farm from his father, PJ, but that all that heritage and tradition was under threat if the controversial plant is built in Cloghran. Joe said he was convinced that the arrival of the plant would mean an end to his family's business and to the home Joe built on the site just five years ago. July marked the end of the latest round of public consultation on the shortlist of three preferred sites for the giant regional sewage plant planned for Fingal. In the last round of public consultation, an unprecedented 10,000 submissions were made and, although the number of preferred sites has now narrowed from nine to three, thousands of objections are again expected as the community across the county remains united in its opposition to this plant being sited anywhere in Fingal.

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