Tuesday 25 April 2017

Family living in fear in pyrite-riddled home

Niamh Byrne with her husband Richard and children Martha and Richard Junior.
Niamh Byrne with her husband Richard and children Martha and Richard Junior.

IN January a desperate Fingal family living in constant fear in their pyrite-riddled home went public on the pages of the Fingal Independent to explain their plight.

The Rush family say they are living a ' nightmare' inside a pyrite-riddled home that is slowly crumbling around them and have come up against ' brick wall after brick wall' in trying to resolve the problem. Niamh Byrne lives with her husband and two young children in a house in Rush that has been devastated by the mineral disease that cracks floors, ceilings and walls of the homes it infects. In December of 2003, Niamh and her family began what they thought was a new dream life in Rush in their €200,000 home but the dream has turned to a nightmare for the last four years as the family watched the cracks in its home get wider and longer. Speaking to the Fingal Independent in January, Niamh said: 'When we should have been enjoying our young children we have had to fight tooth and nail to try to get our house fixed. Still nothing has been done - the condition has to be seen to be believed. ' This was our first house and we bought it while we were expecting our first child. We were naturally excited but that excitement has turned into a nightmare as we have discovered that we would have more consumer rights if we had bought a washing machine.' It is a life of constant worry trapped inside a pyrite affected home. The Rush family cannot afford to move - they are already paying €900 a month for a mortgage on a home they admit now is 'worthless' and cannot afford to pay rent for another property on top of that. With children aged seven and three, it is a worrying time according to mum, Niamh who said: ' We constantly worry about the possibility of a gas leak or explosion. ' Or our sewage leaking under the floor or contamination to our drinking water. These are not things you should have to worry about in an eight-year-old house. ' The cracking in our house has now moved to the external walls which indicates that the movement and stress on the walls of the house is affecting the very structure and the problem is becoming even more urgent.' She concluded: 'All we want is our house fixed so that we can get on with our lives which have effectively been on hold for the last four years. 'I for one am desperate for a solution. I don't think I can take much more of watching our house crumble before our eyes as we struggle to pay a mortgage on a house that is worthless. It is heartbreaking.'

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