Thursday 23 March 2017

'Disgrace' of home help cuts laid bare


THE devastating impact the shocking cuts on home help across Fingal have been laid bare this week.

This week the Fingal Independent can reveal the devastating impact the withdrawal of services in just Balbriggan alone, with one councillor describing them as 'crimes against humanity'. At a meeting of Balbriggan Town Council, it has been claimed that:

A double amputee has been left with out help after his hours were reduced and then axed completely;

A 90-year-old was found lying on the floor after two days because of the cutbacks;

A lady who can't walk has had her hours reduced. Raising the issue, Cllr. Monica Harford demanded that the HSE and the Minister for Health give a detailed explanation as to the reasons the home help of those people was withdrawn. 'Everyone around this table knows people who have had their home help withdrawn. It is appalling to think that a person who had had both legs amputated first had his hours reduced to one day a week and now even that has been taken away.' 'I got on to the home care people who assured me that they had nothing to do with the decision. They were just issued with a list of names. Somebody at the HSE got a list of a names and struck them off without looking at their disabilities or their circumsntances. 'It is an absolute disgrace. These are only three cases but there are lots of them in the town. These people's lives have been put in deliberate danger and I don't think we can sit back and take this lightly. 'We have to have these people looked after and not have their lives put in danger to save a few pence. We have to fight until we get home help restored to these people.' Cllr. Dermot Murray (FF) described the situation as 'absolutely outrageous', claiming it was a 'crime against humanity' to leave a double amputee without any home help. ' The people who make the decisions are totally out of touch and it's high time that somebody took the bit between their teeth and raised the issue to help overcome the problems and hardship these people are enduring because of the decisions of Governmment.' Cllr. Frank Snowe (NP) said the situation was a disgrace. ' The people who look after the payments have no idea of the medical history of those affected. They are just a number on a sheet and this is an absolute disgrace.' Cllr. Grainne Kilmurray and Cllr. Peader O'Kelly also condemned the axing of the services. Town council cathaoirleach Cllr. Larry Dunne said it was 'deplorable and outrageous' that the HSE was going after people who relied on home help.

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