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Disability awards for local allotments project initiative


Published 09/10/2012 | 12:40

The Malahide Allotments project.
The Malahide Allotments project.

A UNIQUE initiative which aims to provide an important outlet for people with epilepsy has scooped four awards from the lifetstyle of people with disabilities has scooped four awards just months after it opened.

The Malahide Allotments project which is run by the Epilepsy Care Foundation on the Malahide to Swords Road has received four awards from the RDS Horticulture Society. These include an award for allotment providers and three individual awards for allotment holders on the site. The project was opened in March of this year and is run by the community and has been made possible by the donation of land and initial funding from Clann Credo. Clann Credo helps to build stronger communities by providing social finance for community growth. They offer a range of loan products to community, voluntary and charitable groups as well as social enterprises and community businesses. There are over 300 allotments in this project and they are divided, into 75 for the Epilepsy Care Foundation and the remaining 225 are let to the general public and it is this income from these that funds the project. The rented allotments will generate enough money to keep the 75 allotments allocated for people with epilepsy open all year and years to follow. The project, the very first of this nature to grace Ireland, it will provide many opportunity's for individuals with epilepsy and related disorders to enhance their quality of life and undertake many different skill's opportunity's. One of the trustees Brian Geraghty said: 'People with epilepsy generally have low confidence, there seems to be stigma with epilepsy and people don't fully understand what epilepsy is.' ' The Epilepsy Care Foundation's is a community project which will promote the level of understanding and recognition of epilepsy amongst the general public and will give people with epilepsy the confidence they lost over the years, this a big undertaking for anybody it's a massive commitment, this plot of land is yours for a full year, it's a giant undertaking for anybody.' The Epilepsy Care Foundation's main aims are to improve the level of clinical care available to people with epilepsy and to provide lifestyle and behavioural training to people with epilepsy These aims are being catered for by the foundation in many ways and by developing this project, it opens the eyes of many people to what can be achieved around Ireland there should be allot more of these projects going on in Ireland for different illnesses.

This Epilepsy Care Foundation is a registered charity that was formed in 2009 and their aim is yo provide timely access to good quality integrated epilepsy care in Ireland. There are over 19,000 children and 40,000 altogether who suffer with epilepsy in Ireland. Over thirty percent of people who have epilepsy also have disorders such as Down Syndrome and different types of Autism.

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