Friday 21 July 2017

Defendant had forged prescriptions


A 28-YEAR- OLD man, who pleaded guilty at Swords District Court last week (Monday, October 8) to being in possession of forged medical prescriptions is being given a chance to avoid prison by doing community service work.

Aidan Carroll, St Cronan's Court, Swords was remanded on bail to Swords District Court on December 12 for a report on his suitability to carry out 200 hours of community service in lieu of three months in prison. Garda Connor Tumbleton told the court that on June 2, he received a call to go to Foley's Pharmacy in Swords where a man, who had handed in a prescription, fled the shop when challenged about it by staff. After examining CCTV footage, Garda Tumbleton identified the man who had attempted to pass the prescription as Mr Carroll and when his home was searched on June 3, another forged prescription was found in his bedroom. Fiona D'Arcy, solicitor for Mr Carroll, said that for a 'very brief spell' her client was addicted to valium and dalmane prescription medication. He was given the forged prescriptions by another man but he was very foolish and did not think his actions through, said Ms D'Arcy. Given the large number of tablets he was seeking on the forged prescription, suspicion would have been raised with any chemist and there was no 'no chance' of him being given the medication he sought, she added. Mr Carroll, who has never been in court before, has found the whole situation very stressful. Understanding that he has ' to be punished', he asked the court through his solicitor to accept his 'genuine apology' and he will not be in trouble again. Judge Dermot Dempsey then remanded the case to Swords Court on December 10 for a community services report on Mr Carroll.

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