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Council to survey speeds on Rush Road

Published 09/10/2012 | 12:40

HE COUNCIL is to survey speeds on the Rush Road between Piercetown and Downside after a local councillor raised concerns about speeding on the road. T

Cllr Ciaran Byrne ( Lab) asked that the council ' undertake the necessary works on the Rush Road between the hill at Piercetown and Downside estate in Skerries in order to reduce traffic speeds to those mandated by the current limit of 60kph from the actual measured average speeds of 80kph, which pose a serious risk to people exiting their homes and housing estates along this stretch of road'. The council's transportation department responded to the councillor, saying: 'This section of the R128 is the designated route for HGVs accessing Skerries from the South. It is not the general policy of the Road Authority to install ramps on major arterial roads such as this road, save where there is very strong evidence of a significant traffic hazard which cannot be addressed by alternative means. 'The primary reason for this is due to the effects ramps have on the response times of emergency services but also their impact on vehicles other than private cars, i.e. Buses, HGVs. 'Traffic calming can be achieved through other means ( e. g. chicanes/traffic islands/speed display units etc.). However, where HGVs and buses must be accommodated, some of these measures tend to be less effective against deliberate speeding by private cars. 'The operations department has consulted with An Garda Síochána in relation to enforcement on this section of the road. 'The department will also undertake a speed survey on the road and the results of this survey will determine the appropriateness of the speed limit and whether or not additional traffic calming measures should be introduced.' Cllr Byrne welcomed the survey but said he believed that 'physical measures' on the road would be needed to slow traffic down.

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