Monday 27 February 2017

Council say staff won't be entering homes for initial water metering survey

THE COUNCIL has assured citizens of Fingal that staff will not be entering private property for the initial survey to prepare homes for the introduction of water metering.

Cllr David O'Connor (NP) asked for a commitment from the council that 'at no point during the inspection survey before water charges commence, will local authority staff access private property'. Fingal County Council said: ' The proposed initial survey, in connection with domestic water metering, that is to commence before the end of the year will not involve the surveyors entering onto private property. ' The purpose of the survey, which will be carried out by the Local Authority on behalf of the DECLG (Department of Environment), is to gather information regarding stopcocks and boundary boxes which will allow the Department to inform any future meter installation project. ' This survey can therefore be undertaken entirely on public property and it will not be necessary for any surveyors to enter any private property or to enter any dwellings.'

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