Tuesday 25 April 2017

Council pledges to support Tidy Towns efforts

THE COUNCIL has pledged its continued support to Tidy Towns efforts all over the county.

Answering an appeal for help for the Tidy Towns effort from Cllr Anthony Lavin (FG), the council said: ' The Operations Department works closely with the various established Tidy Towns Committees throughout the County who endeavour to improve their area. ' The department facilitates annual meetings with all of the Tidy Towns committees. Invitations are sent out to all of the Committees to attend one-to-one meetings with council officials from various departments.

At these meetings, the committees raise items of particular interest to them for attention by the council in preparation for the judging of the Tidy Towns competition. 'Assistance is provided to the committees by the council in the context of both budgetary and staff resources. ' The operations department also takes a keen interest in the adjudication reports of each town when the results of the competition are announced. 'Should any committee wish to request additional meetings with council representatives to discuss how they can progress particular issues in their town the operations department is more than willing to facilitate such a meeting.'

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