Sunday 28 May 2017

Collection of household charge a giant headache

COLLECTION OF the household charge continues to be a giant headache for Fingal County Council which has not only seen its funding from central Government slashed by €2.2 million because of the 43% of households in the county who failed to pay the charge but now is seeing mounting costs for chasing after those householders. Posting reminders to households who have yet to pay the charge has already cost the council almost €3,000, according to the local authority. Answering a question on the issue from Cllr Darragh Butler (FF) who believes the Department of the Environment has 'dumped' responsibility for the cost of collecting the charge on councils. The council have sent two sets of reminders to homeowners in Fingal based on data sets provided to it by the Local Government Management Agency.

The first set of reminders was posted in July with a further reminder posted in August. The first trawl of reminders went to over 4,000 homes with the second going to 2,595 homes with a total cost of some €2,988. The expense is another headache for the council which has already seen its Government funding cut to as a result of the level of non-compliance with the charge in the county. The council confirmed it had to pay for the cost of the reminder letters, saying: ' The postage costs have been incurred by the council and will be a charge on our revenue account.'

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