Sunday 23 July 2017

Call to resist charge wins little support

A MOTION from the Socialist Party calling on the council to support the campaign to resist the household charge has failed to win much support on Fingal County Council.

The motion came from Cllr Matthew Waine (SP) and states: ' That in recognition of the fact that the household tax will have no benefit to local Authorities, this council views the household tax as another austerity tax, and calls on householders to resist it.' Cllr Waine said there was a 'massive groundswell of opposition' to the charge with over 1,000 in Fingal attending public meetings on the issue in recent weeks.

He described the charge as a ' totally unjust tax' and said it was evidence that the Government was 'out of touch with the daily lives of people'. Cllr Waine said the money would ultimately pay bond holders and he called on all residents liable for the charge, to withhold payment. Cllr Peter Coyle believed the money raised in a county should stay in that county but he was opposed to the campaign calling on residents to withhold payment of the charge and said there was a responsibility on people calling for that action to advise residents of the consequences of non-payment.

Cllr Darragh Butler (FF) said he had 'problems with the charge' but he would not support a motion 'calling for people to break the law'. He said the Socialist Party was only interested in democracy 'when it suits them'. Cllr Butler criticised TDS calling for resistance of the charge saying he found it 'sickening to have elected members of the Dáil calling on people to break the law'. Cllr Ciaran Byrne (Lab) argued that the Socialist Party's last campaign of civil disobedience over bin charges ultimately led to the privatisation of that services, a charge rejected by the party's councillors. Ultimately, Cllr Waine's motion was defeated by 13 votes to six with one abstention.

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