Tuesday 26 September 2017

Call for new ambulance service for Balbriggan

AS AMBULANCE hours are cut in Swords, calls were made for a new ambulance service from Balbriggan.

Cllr. Monica Harford (Lab) raised the issue at the September meeting of Balbriggan Town Council where she tabled a motion requesting that: 'Balbriggan Town Council call on the relevant Government Department to provide an ambulance service based in Balbriggan alongside the Fire Service to enhance the brilliant service being provided by the paramedics within the Fire Service.' Cllr. Harford said there was now a wait of up to two hours to get an ambulance to Balbriggan and while the paramedics working for the fire service were doing a great job, they needed back up. 'Only for the quick actions of our fire service, people would be in a very bad way,' Cllr. Harford said. She expressed shock at the news that ambulance hours in Swords were to be cut and said that would make the situation even worse in Balbriggan. 'Nobody should wait two hours for an ambulance. It is bad enough that when you get to hospital you have to wait two days for a bed,' she argued. Cllr. Dermot Murray (FF), a member of the local Fire Service, said that the population of the area had exploded and people needed to be assured they would have an ambulance when they needed one and at the moment, that is 'uncertain'. He said he would love to see an ambulance in Balbriggan but the immediate priority was to get assurance there would be no more cuts to the existing service.